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Here are just of some of the services we provide.  If you have some spectacular request that you donít see on this page, please contact us either through the telephone or email, at Sales@DNITECH.com.



  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network): Gives you the ability to connect your home office and remotes office through a private secure network pipe.  The benefits of this service are countless; But here is one that we all need, makes both independent networks into one giant virtual network.  You can access all the data at any computer station as if the remote computer were next to you.

  2. Network Implementation: Donít have a network, just starting off with your small business, no problem.  We can design a network that will suit your business needs.  This will include cabling if necessary.

  3. Router Management and Configuration:  Whether you have an existing router for your growing network or just getting one and need help configuring them we can handle the job.  We can configure your router for a one time fee or have us manage and administer your router for your growing network.

  4. Network Support: Have a small network, large enterprise, growing business, no matter.  We provide Technical Support Services to relieve your overloaded MIS department or provide support to your small business for simple or complex questions. We provide support to most software suites available.  If we are not available, we also supply Forums on our website that can be accessed 24x7.  At our Forums page you can post your questions or search for the answers you are looking for.

  5. Software Configuration:   We also configure most office software available out there.  Whether itís software to server integration, network migration, or simple email configuration call us.

  6. Network Security/Network Intrusion:  Our staff can evaluate, test your network for any vulnerability/intrusion.  We can suggest if a hardware or software firewall is best suited for business applications.  We can even design your network to be behind a proxy.

  7. Server and Workstation design: Our staff is used to multitasking.  Do you need a server designed and built for your specific business practice? We can build it. At DNITECH we have the capacity to build custom servers, workstations, home desktops, or gaming machines.  At DNITECH we can custom design any station you need,

  8. Remote Access:  Need remote access to your system from the field? We can also design Remote Access Servers or RAS for short.  We understand that there are times when data is needed but is only available at the home office when youíre in another state getting that massive contract that your business depends on.  Email us for more details.

  9. Custom Wiring and Maintenance:  DNITECH can also create custom cables for your computer network or phone system.  We also supply a wiring maintenance plan.  This protects your inside wiring if it ever needed to be trouble-shot or changed we would cover it as part of the service plan.

****We are currently designing a self support program that your staff can use at any time without even lifting the phone.

 If you no I.T. Support, call us and we can custom design a plan that would work for you and your employees.


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